We have been blessed to see the second month of a this New Year in this new decade. Many have made resolutions that have now been broken, but there is one thing we can still count on, and can count on it all year long–that is, the love of God.

God is love! The whole concept of love is of God; for love is of God and everyone that liveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 1 John 4:7. True love is demonstrated in what God did for us in spite of us. Everyone ought to be in awe of the amazing display of God’s love everyday. Despite our selfishness, our betrayals, and even our rejection, God still has the compassion to take care of our need. So when God says let us love one another, we need to remember when this world was in its sick despair God asked us to be His valentine. He entered into a covenant with a creation that had separated himself from the Creator.

Remember for the rest to the year and for the rest of your life for that matter, God first loved us. This love should instill a reciprocal desire to love your fellow man. Why, because your brother is a child of God just like you. So we can’t claim to love God and not have that same love for our brothers. Therefore, use as you slogan for this month, “It’s a love thing.”

Be blessed!