Stewardess Ministry

Stewardess Ministry

  • Pleasant Grove A.M.E. Church | Hinesville, GA

The works of the Stewardess is a sacred trust and calls for women who are consecrated to the task, and who are willing to place love for Christ above personal feelings. The Stewardess Board assist the pastor and the Steward Board and is always under their direction. All members chosen should be women who have an understanding and appreciation of the meaning of congregational worship, or at least an inner urge to cultivate that interest. All Stewardess should be in full uniform (white) and in their proper places at every Holy Communion celebration as a whole group. At least two members should always work together on every Sunday, and three on Communion Sunday. Stewardesses are to prepare the elements for the service of Holy Communion, holy baptism, and love feast; and appropriately tidy up the chancel area after the service.

President Sis Helen Lott

Vice president Sis. Debra love

Secretary First Lady Mary Comier

Treasurer Sis. Brenda Baker