Pastor & Family Aide

Pastor & Family Aide

  • Pleasant Grove A.M.E. Church | Hinesville, GA

WE, THE PASTOR AND FAMILY AIDE MINISTRY of the Pleasant Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church, Hinesville, Georgia mission is to assist the Pastor in the ministry of fulfilling his clergical duties. The name of this auxiliary practically defines its function. It provides aid to our Pastor and his family. Pastor’s and family aide ministry help ensure that the pastor is stress-free and happy. 

 In accordance with our mission, the Pastor’s and Family Aide Ministry prime responsibility is to support the Pastor financially, emotionally and spiritually. We do this first through much prayer and consecration. It is the continuous prayers of this ministry (and the entire congregation) for the man of God and the first family that offers the most support.


Our meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.  

~ Sister Tabitha Lindqvist

Pastor & Family Aide President